What our learners say

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“After around 6 years of career break to look after the kids, it was .difficult for me to get back to the job. So I joined an employability course in RCLC. In the classes we learnt how to write CV, Cover letter and how to prepare for an interview. Employability class combined with the volunteer … More Bhavya


“Two years ago I was depressed and sick but ( the RCLC worker) helped me….my health and english are now a little better… I am on my own with the children and have no family in the area… now I can read letters that come and sometimes help the children with their homework… I don’t … More Julia


“… I’m joined English conversation classes initially and moved on to attend other courses after improving my language skills. I made some friends who spoke my language, understood the culture… Now I can communicate well in English and I feel more confident…” Sahar (age 20, Saudi Arabia)


“I came with the aim of working as a designer, but the language was a big barrier to me. I have a baby and I couldn’t pay for childcare and English courses. I found RCLC and they offered me the opportunity to learn English an they also provide child care for a symbolic price. I’ve … More Carla


A search to add an another dimension to my life lead me to RCLC. Never did I realise that this would be a journey of transformation of myself in total. This has been possible through their relevant and well designed courses, rendered through capable staffs. Coupled with these courses, the opportunity to provide volunteering work … More Emma


7 months ago I was sad and lonely… now I have new friends and starting to speak English.. I like the change… it is a mind change.


My children are very happy that I am learning English… I’ve been living at home and not going out… I want to be able to talk to my grandchildren.