RCLC Wins BWCCG Community MH Grant

RCLC are very happy to announce that we have been awarded a grant for £2390 towards Supporting vulnerable BAMER people in Greater Reading Project. This grant will enable RCLC to build on the Centre’s current support work with c.34 per month vulnerable BAMER learners and others referred during Covid19.

The grant funding will be used to employ a new member of staff to offer a listening ear and active signposting and referral service to those who with less extreme mental health issues, especially those requiring weekly support calls during the pandemic. This would release the current outreach and support worker to further develop work with people, mainly women, with more extreme examples of stress, depression, and mental ill health. This involves both telephone calls and distanced meetings outside.

This funding for an extra support worker will enable RCLC to;

  • decrease isolation and loneliness and increased wellbeing and mental health
  • support BAMER men and women with filling in forms, active signposting and referral. 

Many staff and volunteers speak multiple language which enables RCLC to reach those who struggle to access mainstream support services due to their limited English language skills and open resources through referrals.

RCLC would like to say a huge than you to the BWCCG Grant Team in awarding this important grant which will enable RCLC to support more BAMER men and women now more than ever as we are at present in another national lockdown.