Language Practise With Our Friends

On Wednesday 6th Feb RCLC invited ladies from the Swallowifield Village Coffee Club to visit the centre, meet our learners in the English Conversation Beginners Class, share food, make friends and help our learners to consolidate their language skills from the previous session. It was another lovely session full of laughter and joy, great food and company. The learners were engaged in an ESOL language game where they asked the visitor they had been paired with ‘getting to know each other questions’ which enabled them to practise their English and get to know each other. Some pictures from the morning are below.

We are very grateful to the Swallowfield Village Coffee Club for coming to see us each term and to them for hosting us each term. This lovely partnership of sharing cultures and stories really means so much to the women both at the Centre and at Swallowfield Village Coffee Club. The ladies at RCLC are very excited about their next trip to the village in March!

Some comments from our learners on meeting the ladies from Swallowfield Village Coffee Club;

“I felt happy to meeting other ladies, I really enjoyed this”

“Thank you for organising it , it was so enjoyable”