RCLC Receives Generous Donation of Laptops from Reading Based Business Workday

RCLC are hugely grateful to the kind and generous donation of ten refurbished laptops from Workday based on the Kings Road in Reading. RCLC can now use these laptops together with the funding received from the Co-Op last year to restart our much needed IT for Beginners Classes in the autumn term.

As computers become an integral part of daily life, the inability of our learners to access computers and the internet becomes yet another barrier to their successful integration into wider society and limits their ability to lead full lives. The centre has received an increasing number of requests from users for computer classes as currently these women are unable to participate in many tasks we may take for granted.  These may include being able to assist their children with their homework, sign in at a doctor’s surgery using the touch screen or even taking computerised tests, such as for citizenship and driving theory. Perhaps of greatest significance is the part computers play in enabling women to gain employment. Computer skills are fundamental in many jobs and the ability to use a computer is crucial in the search for work, both to complete applications and CVs, and to use the internet as a jobsearch tool.

RCLC would also like to thank Kirsti WIlson, Managing Director at Connect Reading who was able to connect our charity and our need for new laptops to a local business who could support us.