RCLC Students visit Reading University Exhibition

Reading University in partnership with the British Council have been bringing the Language for Resilience Exhibition to Reading University (11/3/2019-29/3/2019). Today, the Centre Manager, Aisha Malik, the outreach worker, Shaheen Kausar and the English Tutor, Parveen Brar, together with 11 students from the English Conversation classes visited the exhibition. We were thrilled to have Reading University students as our guides to show us around the exhibition and collect our thoughts and views on the displays. Two of the guides are also going to start volunteering at our Centre as classroom assistants so it was a great way for them to meet the ladies.

The RCLC Learners were very excited about going to the university and were eager to tell their families all about their trip, as one day they had aspirations for their children to go there. They were really interested in the information and the video which told the stories of refugees learning English in camps and looked for their home countries on the maps. It was a very important exhibition for them as they all felt that having English was the most important tool for them to be able to succeed, work, talk to people, make friends and not be isolated. One learners commented

“English is very important. Without it you can do nothing. When I came here I couldn’t speak and now look at me, I can talk to you! I have confidence, I can speak to people, I am happy. I want to learn more and do better”

reading uni exhibition 3